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Lotta's Fountain/Downtown

Pros: The oldest surviving monument in SF
Cons: Awkward location
Best For: Knowing its significance

The Golden Hydrant/Dolores Park

Pros:Little fire hydrant/big story
Cons: Dogs love it
Best For: Remembering April 18, 1906

San Francisco1906 Earthquake Refugee Shacks/Presidio

Pros: These wooden abodes housed more than 16,000 homeless after the earthquake and fire
Cons: Only a few cottages remain
Best For: Peeking into a pair of shacks, renovated and installed in the Presidio

San Francisco National Cemetery/Presidio

Pros: An historic, idyllic resting place
Cons: No jogging or dogs
Best For: A reading of names with a view of the bay

What is The Presidio?

Pros: 1491 acres of National Historic Monument
Cons: Could take a lifetime to explore
Best For: History, nature, and a great place to live and/or work

The Balaclutha/Hyde Street Pier

Pros: A history lesson aboard a vintage sailing ship
Cons: Avoid typical high tourist times
Best For: Learning about the seafaring life of yesteryear

Sutro Baths/Ruins of a Victorian Bathing Palace

Pros: A glimpse into another era
Cons: Slippery when wet
Best For: Northern California at it's finest

Fort Point/Presidio

Pros: National Historic Site at the Southern anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge
Cons: Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only
Best For: The view from the top, historic military photos on second level, learning about the Buffalo Soldiers

Golden Gate Bridge

Pros: Beautiful from every angle, and useful as well
Cons: Traffic jams at peak hours
Best For: Walking, biking or driving across

City Hall/Civic Center

Pros: An opportunity to visit an exquisite example of Beaux Arts architecture
Cons: Not the safest neighborhood
Best For: Going on a docent-led tour of a national historic landmark

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