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Captain John Berrien Montgomery

Born: November 17, 1794
Died: March 25, 1873
Famous For: Taking Yerba Buena (today known as San Francisco) from Mexico

Captain John B. Montgomery

On July 9, 1846, Captain John Berrien Montgomerey of the American Navy disembarked with about 70 men under his command, from the U.S. Sloop-of-War, Portsmouth. Stepping ashore, Montgomery marched up Clay Street to Kearney, and at the plaza subsequently named Portsmouth Square, the American Flag was hoisted, with no resistance from the Mexicans. Yerba Buena was now under American rule, and one year later, in 1847, the name was changed to San Francisco.

Captain Montgomery served in the American Navy from 1812-1869, achieving the rank of Rear Admiral.

Captain John B. Montgomery

Noteworthy: California Landmark 81 commemorates the landing place of Captain Montgomery and his men. A plaque may be found there, at 552 Montgomery Street, the Southeast corner of Montgomery and Clay.