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Major Dana H. Crissy

Born: Unknown
Died: October 8, 1919
Famous For: Crissy Field named in his honor

Dana Crissy

Dana Crissy was a Presidio Army atilleryman, fascinated by aviation. Working his way upward, became the Commander of Mather Air Field in Sacramento.

In October of 1919, the fledgling army airfield in the Presidio hosted the army's first Transcontinental Reliability and Endurance Test across North America. Some planes took off from Long Island, New York, and others left from the new Presidio airfield. The race was on to see who would make the trans-continental trip the fastest.

Unfortunately, Dana Crissy died while attempting to land his De Haviland DH-4 aircraft near Salt Lake City. He is buried in the San Francisco National Cemetary, Officers Section, Row 98, Grave 5.

Crissy Field, today an outstanding recreation area, bears his name. This photo shows Crissy in the cockpit of his De Haviland, just before he died.