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Quest For The Best: French Onion Soup /Cafe Bastille

Pros: An authentic bistro experience
Cons: You may leave here really missing Paris
Best For: Onion soup done right

Cafe Bastille
First stop on the Quest for the Best, most authentic, traditionally prepared French onion soup in San Francisco, is Cafe Bastille.

The soup served here is well composed, with fragrant slow cooked onions, broth-soaked bread and a caramelized upper crust of broiled cheese bubbling down the sides of white bowls. Served very hot, when poked with a spoon the crust of cheese breaks apart, allowing aromatic onion broth to waft upwards towards the face. That is what the quintessential French Onion Soup experience is all about!
Cafe Bastille
Noteworthy: The cafe is nestled in a small quaint alley close to Union Square, with a heated outdoor patio.

Cafe Bastille
22 Belden Place
San Francisco, 94104
Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sunday 10:30am-4pm
Cafe website: