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Connecting with organizations in San Francisco, which continually strive to improve quality of Life

CUESA/The Center For Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture

Pros: Farm to table is big business in San Francisco
Cons: Learning about sustainable agriculture, ruins cravings for Twinkies
Best For: Your Health

KC Turner Presents/Building Community Through Music

Pros: Music promotion with a big heart
Cons: None, none, none
Best For: Showcasing local bands and singer-songwriters

Urban Kitchen SF Hosts Rooftop Beekeeping Class at the Fairmont Hotel

Pros: An organization determined to help us get in touch with our inner locavore
Cons: Fast food joints will never seem appealing again
Best For: Hands-on classes and workshops with slow food concepts

Straus Family Creamery/Local, Organic, Sustainable

Pros: Owner, Albert Straus, runs a brilliant dairy business, with family values
Cons: The challenge of re-programming America to grow and eat healthy foods
Best For: Mighty flavorful dairy products, produced with environmentally sound practices

826 Valencia/The Writers Lab That Fronts As A Pirate Store

Pros:Grooming the next generation of literary artists, community-style
Cons: So sad that literacy standards in public schools are not being met
Best For: Working with kids to help them become lifelong readers and inspired writers

Meals On Wheels of San Francisco, Inc.

Pros: An organization which exemplifies the spirit of giving
Cons: The ever-growing needs of the elderly and inability to reach everyone
Best For: Enhancing the lives of others

Give A Dog A Bone

Pros: Throwing a lifeline to long-term shelter dogs
Cons: Not enough funding to help them all
Best For: Reaching out to man's best friend

Friends Of The Urban Forest/Greening Up the Cityscape

Pros: Non-profit committed to making SF more aesthetic and healthful with tree planting and management programs
Cons: Low income neighborhoods suffer most from lack of trees
Best For: Projects that really make a difference

San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance

Pros: Promoting and supporting green schoolyards
Cons: As state education budgets shrink, school environments deteriorate
Best For: Providing outdoor learning spaces one school at a time

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

Pros: Donate, become a member, or volunteer, to help maintain a first class library system in San Francisco
Cons: Makers of video games would go broke if kids went back to reading books
Best For: Giving others the opportunity to get hooked on a book

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