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Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

Pros: Donate, become a member, or volunteer, to help maintain a first class library system in San Francisco
Cons: Makers of video games would go broke if kids went back to reading books
Best For: Giving others the opportunity to get hooked on a book

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
Friends of the San Francisco Public Library is a non-profit organization performing many community functions. They are helping build and or renovate 24 branch libraries. At the donation center on Treat Street, the organization sorts and resells hundreds of thousands of books at the Main Library store, the Fort Mason store, and hosts the largest annual book sale on the West coast.

Community services, special programs and events for kids and adults, are also a large part of what Friends continues to support. Regular events include author signings, Poets 11 (citywide poetry contest) and so many opportunities to inspire love of the written word.

Noteworthy: Membership includes 2 tickets to a preview day at the annual Fort Mason book sale. Ancient, new, esoteric, or scientific, the sheer number of books, grouped into categories, and ready for perusing, is overwhelming. Shopping carts are grabbed at the door and swiftly filled with three dollar books worth a million to the eager collector.

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