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Give A Dog A Bone

Pros: Throwing a lifeline to long-term shelter dogs
Cons: Not enough funding to help them all
Best For: Reaching out to man's best friend

Not all dogs at San Francisco's Animal Care and Control are abandoned. Some dogs are in custody as mandated by the courts, until certain legal situations can be resolved. Allegations of animal cruelty or neglect, an owner's incarceration or hospitalization can land a dog here. Whatever the reason, these dogs suffer from isolation, boredom and lack of affection.

In 1999 Corinne Dowling decided to do something about it and founded Give A Dog A Bone. She is currently the director and primary dog handler, relying upon donations to continue her much-needed services.

Qualifications for volunteers require experience with reward training and a huge allotment of patience and compassion. But don't let that stop you from going onto the website and figuring out a way to become involved. It's a challenge getting anywhere close to the desired yearly operating budget, so lend a hand if you have ever loved a dog, or think you might in the future.

Give A Dog A Bone
1200 15th St.
San Francisco, 94103