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Urban Kitchen SF Hosts Rooftop Beekeeping Class at the Fairmont Hotel

Pros: An organization determined to help us get in touch with our inner locavore
Cons: Fast food joints will never seem appealing again
Best For: Hands-on classes and workshops with slow food concepts

Urban KItchen SF
When Urban Kitchen collaborates with CUESA, Marshall Farms Natural Honey, Executive Chef jW Foster of the Fairmont Hotel, and Almanac's bound to bee a sweet event. And indeed this beekeeping class was inspiring, educational and delicious!

Chef jW got things rolling with a history of the bees on the rooftop of the Fairmont and then launched into the preparation of a fabulous Ricotta and Walnut Crostini with Roasted Plums, yum...using honey from the rooftop hives.

Marshall Farms Natural Honey, suppliers of the hives, set up a tasting table where one could sample honeycomb honey, star thistle honey, blackberry honey...all natural, unheated, certified kosher, pure varietal and wildflower can find Marshall's at many local farmers' markets including CUESA's Saturday Ferry Building outdoor market in SF. Visit the Marshall farm, order online. However you acquire, your kitchen pantry needs their honey!

At our next tasting station, Jesse Friedman from Almanac Beer was pouring Almanac Fairmont Honey Saison, brewed with honey from the Fairmont hives, and served exclusively at the hotel. So delicious.

And then we suited up, with headgear appropriate for meeting the queen, and were treated to a rooftop beekeeping lesson.

I'm looking forward to my next Urban Kitchen SF workshop and one's coming up that has piqued my interest...a pickling party with Happy Girl Kitchen. I believe the oft-overshadowed pickle can once again regain its status as co-star of the picnic/barbecue, with a little help from its friends.

Noteworthy: Chef jW's Meyer Lemon Lemonade with Fairmont Rooftop Honey tasted like summer in a glass.

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