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La Boulangerie/Pacific Heights

Pros: Like being in France
Cons: So good, it's hard to buy just one thing
Best For: Superb bread and pastries

La BoulangerieCross the threshold of La Boulangerie and you might as well be in Paris (and that's a good thing). Founder Pascal Rigo's vision of daily bread, pastries, and macarons never disappoints. San Franciscans praise his artistry by returning again and again for flakey croissants and delectable vegetable tarts. Chocolate desserts, raspberries on puffs of pastry, rustic loaves, delicate lunchtime baguette sandwiches...and now the offshoot cafe, La Boulange, with many locations around town. Thank you, Monsieur Rigo, for taming the Wild West with your French sensiblilities! We promise to leave our muddy boots at the door.

La Boulangerie
2325 Pine Street between Fillmore and Steiner
415.440.0356 x204