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Suzu Noodle Shop/Japan Center

Pros: Outstanding noodle cafe
Cons:Mall ambiance, tiny space means long waits
Best For: Quality ingredients, budget-friendly

Competition is fierce in San Francisco when it comes to Japanese noodle shops. Suzu comes up in the conversation A LOT! What could be more heartwarming when your spirit is feeling a bit fog-soaked, than a steaming bowl of udon, ramen or soba? The place is tiny, only about 11 tables in all and after you put your name on the list, you will be waiting at peak times. Take a walk around this unique mall in the center of Japantown and plan to come back next time and try another crowd-pleaser, Mifune. Most folks hang around, fidget, and are grateful to be served rather quickly, once seated. Homemade, fresh, and fragrant is this meal in a bowl.
Suzu San Francisco
Diners seem happy as they slurp their way to satisfaction at Suzu. It's easy on the wallet as well.
Kinokuniya Building
1581 Webster St. #105 SF 94115
Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-3pm/5pm-10pm Closed Tuesday
Sunday 11:30am-3pm/5pm-9:30pm Arrive an hour before closing time to be sure of a table.