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Pros: Heavy rail public transport system connecting SF to the East Bay and the Southern burbs
Cons: Disrupted service means you're late for work
Best For: Cheap and fast way to airports from the city

BARTBay Area Rapid Transit is BART and BART is cool. With 104 miles of track spread between 43 stations, it is THE most efficient way to get from SF to either Oakland Airport or SFO, unless of course you are schlepping lots of luggage. Commuters from the East Bay and from Northern San Mateo County (just South of the city) ride daily. Connections to Amtrak or Caltrain are easy, plus cellphone service and Internet connections make travel time productive.

Fares are calculated based on how far one travels. For example, one way from South San Francisco to SFO costs $6.90. The BART website contains all info regarding tickets, trip planning, schedules, pet regulations, map, etc.

Hours: Weekdays 4 am-Midnight, Sat 6am-Midnight, Sun 8am-Midnight
Closed approximately 4 hours nightly for track maintenance
Mobile Device Real Time Arrvals, Trip Planning: