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Quest For The Best

Penultimate San Francisco Experiences

Quest For The Best: Plate of Spaghetti/Delfina/Mission District

Pros: Relaxed atmosphere and outstanding food + service
Cons: Tough reservation to get for prime time dining
Best For: Classic Tuscan dishes as good as it gets thousands of miles away from Italy

Quest For The Best: Burger/Super Duper/Cow Hollow-Marina

Pros: Fast food with a slow food mentality
Cons: Only Chestnut Street location is open late on weekends
Best For: Quality and value

Quest For The Best: Dentist/Cow Hollow Dental Center

Pros: Dentistry you can trust
Cons: I'd rather be playing tennis
Best For: Maintaining a healthy mouth

Quest For The Best: Coffee/Sightglass Coffee Roasters

Pros: Cool space and great coffee
Cons: Only one brick and mortar Sightglass
Best For: Laptops and caffeine

Quest For The Best: French Onion Soup /Cafe Bastille

Pros: An authentic bistro experience
Cons: You may leave here really missing Paris
Best For: Onion soup done right

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