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Mama's on Washington Square/North Beach

Pros: Comfort food breakfasts
Cons: Waiting forever at prime times
Best For: A weekday morning repast and a stroll around the square

Mama's is a San Francisco institution, with lines around the block on weekend mornings. Neophytes and long-time devotees complain about the wait together, but wax ecstatic upon emerging with bellies full of goodness.

Dungeness Crab Benedict anyone? The savory French Toast Sampler and pancakes with berries are top faves. Decide to aviod peak hours unless your iPad is in your purse,or you have brought along your best friend for chit chat while waiting. Bring home a jar of ollalieberry jam or a poppyseed bundt cake you have pre-ordered from their bake shop. Then sit awhile in Washington Square.

1701 Stockton Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94133
Open Tuesday Through Sunday 8am-3pm
Closed Mondays
Moderately Priced
Menu and Prices on website:
Washington Square
Washington Square