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Molinari Mana Park/Russian Hill

Pros: An alley, stairs and a hidden garden
Cons: A secret no more
Best For: The bench with a view

Molinari Mana Park
Union Street gets pretty steep as it traverses Russian Hill, and there are many hidden charms waiting to be discovered on foot. On the north side of Union, between Taylor and Jones, there is an alley marked Marion, an old acacia tree, and a sign on the side of a house which reads, Molinari Mana Park. A set of stairs lead sharply down. The bay and Alcatraz come into sight and a sweet urban respite, a wild-ish garden where one can sit and recover from hill climbing, is revealed.

The parklet is named after two Justices of the Superior Court, John Molinari and Lawrence Mana, who lived in Russian Hill. They insured the preservation of this quirky stairway garden, a trademark pursuit of San Franciscans since its early years...designating tracts of land, hilltops, meadows and beaches, for public use.

Molinari Mana Park
North side of Union Street between Taylor & Jones, at Marion alley
Russian Hill