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Weather in San Francisco

San Francisco is a weather forecaster's nightmare.

Winter storms arrive a day early or not at all. Summertime visitors pack flip-flops and sleeveless shirts and end up shopping in Union Square for jackets and beanies. Exposed to the ferocious currents of the Pacific, the weather changes several times within one day, making SF Fogit almost impossible to travel about the city, without a backpack filled with extra layers. And therein lies the key to comfort. Layer up. Yes, you can wear a skimpy dress and flats and plan to sit on the outdoor terrace of your favorite cafe, but make sure you've got that comfy outer garment with you, to protect from the chilly onslaught. The air in the city, being exposed to so much ocean and bay, is truly invigorating. A cloudless sky is as blue as blue can be. But when the fog begins to creep over the hills, laden with moisture, no need to interrupt your outdoor activity if you have left your house or hotel, prepared.

As Mark Twain wryly commented, "The coldest Winter I ever saw was the Summer I spent in San Francisco."