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What To Wear In San Francisco

Oh, no you don't! I caught you ambling out of your hotel wearing shorts, tank top and sandals. Mornings can be so deceiving, tricking one into believing that summer apparel is appropriate San Francisco garb.

What To Wear In San Francisco

Yes, the day begins with a brilliant blue sky and a trickle of a breeze, just enough to fill the lungs with air that feels swept clean. But come high noon, a change begins to occur. A carpet of wind-driven fog begins to engulf the Westernmost parts of the city first, rolling in towards the center of town by mid-afternoon, bringing with it currents of swirling wind. If you're cool with goosebumps, take no heed. Otherwise, make sure you have slipped an insulating under layer, and outer wind-proof layer of clothing, into the bag you will be touring around with.

As for the bag, hate to look like a sherpa, schlumping your way up and down hills, on and off trolleys with a massive JanSport sack upon your back? Surely there are fashionable ways to prepare boyscout-like for the variability of SF weather. Like, try carrying a tote instead. Or, head straight to Hayes Street and the iconic purveyor of classic San Francisco messenger bags, Timbuktu, and get yourself a dandy cross-chest indestructible carrier of everything necessary. You can even order one online before your trip, hitting the ground feeling like a local.

Surely, you think, summertime in San Francisco must be warm enough to go sleeveless? Maybe, if you're lucky for a few minutes at a time, but according to Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I ever saw, was the summer I spent in San Francisco!" Wish I had a nickel for every time I hear a shivering tourist, waiting for a MUNI bus, complaining of the cold.

Now it's time to pack for that long-awaited visit to the city by the bay. SF is casual, yet more sophisticated than other California cities, such as Los Angeles. People dress up more. It's okay to wear jeans but not the ones you use to rake the barn back home. Sneakers work, however a comfortable leather substitute that can make the transition from day to night is much more chic. Scarves, just like in Paris, are quite the accessory.

And don't forget hats unless you enjoy having every hair on your head blown in different directions. Beanies, caps, berets...they all work. In need of headgear? Goorin Brothers has been top dressing San Franciscans for years and has multiple locations around the city.

Now go forth and explore responsibly!

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