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Berry Picking At Glashoff's Berry Patch/Suisun Valley/NE of SF

Pros: A visit to Maria and Larry Glashoff's farm is a real treat
Cons: Store-bought berries will no longer look appealing
Best For: Hand picking the stellar ingredient for your next berry pie

Glashoff Berry Patch

The original Glashoff ranch was founded here in the early 1900's. It started with a fruit stand where the farm products were sold. Today the family tradition continues, of caring for the land in a respectful way and offering the public literally, the fruits of their labors.

The Glashoffs grow boysenberries, four varieties of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. They harvest walnuts to make walnut oil and one can buy the oil, and homemade jellies, jams and marmalades during a farm visit as well.

Noteworthy: You can find them selling their goods every Saturday at the Ferry Building Farmers Market on the Embarcadero
in SF.

Glashoff's Berry Patch
5353 Williams Road
Fairfield, 94534
Call ahead for picking season dates: 707.425.3303
More Glashoff farm info: