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Run Up The Lyon Street Steps/Eastern Side of Presidio

Pros: Intense workout with a big payoff...the view
Cons: A true testament to how fit you really are
Best For: Improving stamina and rosy cheeks

Lyon Street Steps

'Doing" the Lyon Street Steps is insanely challenging. From the foot of Green Street to the stunning top of Broadway, a series of stairs and breathtaking views, works the cardiovascular system... all this against a backdrop of Presidio trees and distant boats entering the Golden Gate. The air is keenly sharp and heavily oxygenated up here, perfect for heavy breathing, as the lungs feel as if they are being swept clean.

All day every day, the Lyon Street Steps welcome local athletes, new mothers looking to get back into shape, and tourists who have all come to appreciate the beauty of the spot. How many ups and downs can you do in a single outing? One is enough for some, six,not enough for others. It is also perfectly acceptable to park a car at Broadway and Lyon, just to get out and admire the view.

Lyon Street Steps
Uppermost level is on Broadway
Lowest step is on Green Street
Lyon Street is adjacent to the Eastern side of the Presidio
San Francisco, 94123