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Battery East Trail/Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge

Pros: Views, views, views
Cons: Steps, steps, steps
Best For: The big payoff-GG Bridge

Battery East Trail

The westernmost bluffs along the coastline of the city are steeped in military history. Batteries abound. What is a battery? It's a hidden fortification built into the hillside designed to protect the bay with large Rodman guns and storage space for ammunition. Built in the 1870's these earth and brick hidden artillery bunkers dot the landscape. The Battery East trail begins at Crissy Field with a series of recently rebuilt steps which wind up the hillside for exquisite views of the bay. It's only about a half mile up to the pedestrian walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge, always a treat to walk out onto. The battery itself is undergoing renovation, and native plant restoration is also underway along the trail. Go early in the day to avoid tourists, or late in the day when the western light shines on the international orange-colored iconic bridge.

Battery East Trail
Western Edge of Crissy Field, Presidio
Directions to Trailhead:
Head west on Mason Street which runs alongside Crissy FIeld, as far as you can drive, to the West Bluffs Picnic Area and parking lot and park as far west (behind the Warming Hut) as you can. Just behind (to the south) of the Warming Hut there is a road that heads west to Fort Point. Walk west towards the fort and the Golden Gate Bridge. Just a few hundred feet along that road you will see the trailhead marker on your left, and the steps leading up Battery East Trail. Keep following the signs to the Golden Gate Bridge.