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Pros: This treasure hunt is a world-wide phenom
Cons: Without a GPS device, you're lost
Best For: The surprise find


What is geocaching? Basically it's a treasure hunt using a GPS device to find the hidden cache. What is a cache? Caches are generally small weather-proof boxes which contain sign-in logbooks and most times, a handful of trinkets. The deal is, if you take a trinket you must leave something in its place. Must fit in a small box, and have some interesting quality that makes the discoverer of the cache, squeal with delight.

Geocaching happens in cities, in the woods, by the sea, everywhere, including downtown San Francisco. Kids love it, and so do adults. In fact the official geocaching website claims that there are over one million, six hundred thousand active geocaches with over 5 million geocachers worldwide.

Go to the official global GPS cache hunt site to become a member: