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Hair by Natasha Warton Sanivskaya/Cetana Salon Spa

Pros: She cuts, she colors, she teaches, she's brilliant
Cons: You'll never want to trust your head to anyone else
Best For: Intelligent and artful haircuts/lustrous Aveda color

Natasha Warton

Her name is Natasha Warton Sanivskaya but you can call her Natasha...a Russian dynamo with great touch and ability to create personality-matched cuts, elegant, yet simple to keep up at home. Tell her what you want and maybe she'll agree or maybe she'll suggest something even more appealing. Whatever she does, be confident that with scissors in hand, she is masterful.

The color line by Aveda is plant-based, and in this area as well, Natasha is genius. Wanna go pink? Or just cover grey and add some high and low lights? She can do anything and you'll look like a million bucks when you leave the salon.

Noteworthy: Nina's pedicures at Cetana Salon are also exceptional.

Natasha Warton Sanivskaya
Cetana Salon Spa
155 Brannan Street (just off Embarcadero south of Market)
San Francisco 94107
Call for Appointments and Rates:415.371.1335
Salon is closed on Mondays
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